Smog Check and Emissions Testing in Sacramento, CA

No one likes to get that notice from DMV that says a smog check is due. However, smog checks help ensure that your vehicle is running efficiently and not producing extra toxins into the environment. This might feel like a burden, but don’t let it be!

Paul’s Automotive is a STAR certified smog station and we have experienced, licensed smog technicians. Conveniently located in Midtown Sacramento, we are prepared to get your vehicle smog tested and approved, or provide services that will ensure your vehicle passes.

This process ensures that your vehicle is emitting California’s allowable amounts of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides, and nitrous oxides into the atmosphere. It is a way for all of us to improve the air we breathe, clean the environment, and make sure our vehicles are burning fuel efficiently. The smog check consists of a visual test (black smoke coming from your exhaust) and functional test that happens after the emissions test.

Performing a smog check is also necessary when your vehicle’s title changes hands as well. Do not let a smog test failure prevent you from selling your vehicle.

Have Paul’s Automotive, a STAR certified smog check station, take care of you!

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