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It’s not even officially summer and we’re already hitting 100 degree temperatures. It’s around this time the kids run in the sprinklers, we stock up on popsicles, and we start running our car’s air conditioning systems non-stop…and it’s also the same time we wonder: is my A/C system even working at its full potential? Will it keep me cool throughout the summer?

If it isn’t running as cold as you wish it was, your first thought may be to call us and say, “My A/C isn’t running so cold, it needs more Freon.”

“Not so fast!” we’d reply. There are several parts that work together to keep your A/C system running. There are hoses, fans, the compressor, and the condenser that are all parts of the system as well. In fact, we often find that a leaky hose or a malfunctioning fan is the culprit.

At Paul’s we offer an A/C Performance and Systems Service where we do several activities to check your vehicle’s A/C system and get it running in tip top shape. This service includes:

  • Removing any existing Freon, cleaning it, placing it back in your car, and topping it off;
  • Checking the hoses and other components for leaks. If we do suspect a leak, we add a dye that helps us pinpoint exactly where it is coming from. The dye also allows us to identify if there are multiple leaks;
  • Checking fan operation. We check both the blower fan and the cooling fan to make sure they are operating properly;
  • Checking cabin air filter condition;
  • Measuring overall system pressures and temperatures; and
  • Replacing any lubricants that may have been lost due to servicing your A/C system.

We want you, your children, friends, and your pets to have a cool, comfortable ride to and from all your fun summer events! Happy summer!




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Ahh, springtime in Sacramento: birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Makes us all want to get outside or get away for the weekend…until you think: “It will be a hot, Sacramento summer soon and will my belts, hoses, and fluids withstand the heat?? (Hmm, have those parts ever been checked or replaced??)”

That’s where vehicle maintenance services come in, and that’s why there is National Car Care Month in April!!! You may be thinking, “What’s the point? Maintenance services are an extra expense. It’s how shops sell me things I don’t need.” Well, I don’t know what shop you go to, but at Paul’s Automotive, that is not true! Maintenance services serve multiple purposes:

  • Give you peace of mind and let you know what is still in good working order.We text you photos of what is good, what may need work down the road, and what should be fixed. Even if you don’t want to do major repairs with us, we want you to have the peace of mind knowing what is in good shape and what needs work. Your safety is our priority.
  • Prevent costly and lengthy repair work. Time, weather, how much you drive, and how you drive cause wear and tear on parts. It’s unavoidable. However, oftentimes, if caught early, you can avoid a big repair. For example, transmission fluid doesn’t get low like oil (unless there is a leak), but it gets cycled over and over through the transmission, picking up gunk and loose metal fragments along the way, which can wreak havoc on your transmission. Flushing old transmission fluid out and replacing it with fresh fluid prevents you from needing a costly transmission rebuild.
  • Reduce the harmful effects of summer weather. We all know how Sacramento gets HOT. This makes rubber hoses and belts prone to damage. Making sure these parts aren’t cracked or leaking can prevent your car from overheating, breaking down, or other major damage, such as cracked radiators or blown head gaskets.

To highlight some of the more common and most pressing summertime issues we see:

  • Proper tire inflation. If you recently inflated your tires and temperatures spike, that air expands. This can cause incorrect wear and tear and imbalances, which overall shorten the life of your tires. We check for proper tire inflation on every job we do, free of cost. (And don’t forget about that spare tire! When was the last time you’ve had that checked? Hmm.)
  • Keeping it cool.Engine coolant is essential to ensure your engine doesn’t overheat. If coolant isn’t replaced regularly, it can cause rust build up inside the engine and conduct electrical currents, which corrodes nuts and bolts, contaminating your engine cooling system. Low coolant harms your engine. Coolant is just one piece of the puzzle to keep your car cool. The hoses connected to the radiator help pump coolant to and from the engine. Belts run the water pump. If hoses crack or belts snap, the radiator will quickly overheat, leaving you stranded.
  • Road trip ready. A fuel system cleaning works wonders for improving gas mileage, reducing emissions, and increasing performance. This process includes cleaning out fuel injectors, upper intake, and valves. It also breaks up carbon deposits. It can help down the road to prevent damage to your catalytic converter and help you pass that Smog Check as well.

What we specifically would do for your car to get it summer-ready is based on several factors and is too detailed to go over here. The Car Care Guide is a great resource to learn more,

We hoped this helped you think about maintenance and your summertime car needs. Give us a call and we can discuss with you what your car needs. Happy spring and Car Care Month!




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2016 was a big year at Paul’s Automotive! For starters, it marked my first full year as owner. After working as a tech for more than 20 years for Paul, I bought the shop from him when he retired in July 2015. It has been quite a transition for me personally and professionally, but I now have the hang of it and am loving my new role. As we look at our goals for 2017, I like to reflect on 2016 and our accomplishments and improvements we made to provide you, our Sacramento-area customers, with the best automotive and customer service experience possible. We accomplished the following:

Hired a service writer team of Brandon Rusciolelli and Anthony Klein to provide you with exceptional customer service. Brandon was soon promoted as the shop General Manager;

Hired two new technicians: Smog tech and electrical expert, Froylan Flores and suspension and engine repair specialist Lee Gonzales. I also hired Camille Kustin as office manager;

Began using Bolt On Technology, which allows us to communicate instantly with you via text message and send you photos and images of what needs to be repaired and courtesy inspection results;

Purchased new equipment and tools to expand the services we provide:

  • We are now doing in-house flashing and re-programming of power control models (PCMs) on vehicle computers instead of subletting the work. This means you can get back on the road sooner;
  • We have a new, top of the line Snap-On scan tool used to perform diagnostic work;
  • We are using new fluid exchange equipment to perform maintenance work for all fluids. We are using BG flush products for fuel injections and fluid exchanges; and
  • We have a new Pro-Cut brake lathe to cut the surface of brake rotors to the thousandths of an inch so we can put new brake pads on them. Doing this in-house is also more efficient and saves time.

Installed a new phone system and have a faster internet connection, including WiFi available while you wait;

Posted a new website, complete with photos and comment- and appointment-making tools;

Installed an air conditioning system for hot Sacramento summer months; and

Installed lighting upgrades, including energy-efficient LED lights outside the building.

We are excited for 2017 and are looking forward to furthering our goal of making your automotive experience as enjoyable and worry-free as possible:

  • Teach my baby boy and Customer Service Expert, Jackson, how to perform oil changes (he can handle it, he will be turning one year old in May, after all!);
  • Upgrade our computer system. It is getting harder for our computers to work with all the advanced technology we are using;
  • Overall building upgrades, including a proper service counter, office, and customer waiting room (with a popcorn machine!);
  • Purchase an alignment rack, so we can perform alignment work in-house;
  • Utilize workflow software, so our service writers and techs can work more efficiently and get the job done more quickly;
  • Increase our involvement in the community through participating in neighborhood associations and contributing to local causes.

Is there anything else that you’d like to see us doing? We always welcome feedback! We are looking forward to 2017 and all that it will bring!


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